Our live training sessions with law schools and mock trial programs are just like the sessions we provide to law firms and trade associations but with an added FREE day of consultation where we work on your case packet or classroom materials. We apply the same tools and techniques we use with real clients on real cases to the student's material. 
The academic department or mock trial program has a choice of either bringing us in directly for students only or having a local firm or association sponsor the visit. The firm gets master skills training AND CLE credit plus a chance to give back to the community by inspiring the next generation of legal stars.  
If we're working with students only, the experience mirrors what would happen in a law firm or attorney association, only the students take the place of the lawyers.  If the workshop is done as part of a sponsorship, the students join the attorneys at their office and learn alongside the attorneys.  
After the sessions are over we hang around an extra day at the school where we apply all that we have learned to the student's own work product or competition. 
Check out the videos, visit the information page about our live workshops, or contact us for more information.