How It Works

Live trainings range from a few hours to full weekends. They consist of a series of workshops, exercises, and short presentations.  Attorney participants are actively engaged in learning how to use their voices, bodies, and minds to connect with and move jurors, witnesses, and judges.
The tools are designed to help all levels of attorney, from those that fear public speaking to master litigators with decades of trial experience.  Storytelling and theme development are also an integral part of process.


The techniques we use are heavily adapted from and integrated with the industry-leading teaching work of courtroom skills pioneers Katherine James and Alan Blumenfeld, founders of the firm Act of Communication.
40 years ago they posed the question, "What can Lawyers learn from Actors?" In the decades that followed they changed the field of advocacy skills training. They have trained tens of thousands of attorneys, including some of the world's top litigators, rainmakers, and courtroom advocates. James is widely regarded as the top witness prep expert in the nation.

The Collaboration & Legacy

Andrew Caple-Shaw's knowledge and unique teaching techniques have proved to be the perfect compliment to Act of Communication's legacy, adding lessons in juror media consumption impact awareness, how to find the advocate's unique voice, and how to help the attorney "get out of his/her head" when speaking or presenting. 
While Caple-Shaw is an established actor like the Act founders, he also has the unique experience of being an attorney. He's faced tough judges. He gets your rule against perpetuities joke. He knows the rules of evidence and how to incorporate communications technique into the nuances of specific legal arguments.
You will frequently find the three presenting together. Caple-Shaw is often a guest instructor at Act of Communication events. In order to work hands on with smaller sub-groups, all large-capacity Actvocate workshops are partnerships with Act of Communication.