How To Watch "Arguing Evidence"

January 02, 2023

Stuff to know before you watch any of these videos

The Easy Ones: Judicial Notice, Cumulative, Asked & Answered...

March 01, 2018

Some rules aren't so much about how well you argue them as how well you present yourself when you cite them.  Among these rules are rules like FRE 201 (Judicial Notice), FRE 403 (Cumulative), FRE 611(a) (Asked and Answered), and FRE 1007 (Document Speaks for Itself).

FRE 401: Basic Relevance

March 01, 2018

How to argue Federal Rule 401 in a clean, cool, and effective manner. Or more appropriately, how to avoid using the rule and how to make someone else look stupid for trying to use it on you.

FRE 403: Probative vs Prejudicial

March 01, 2018

Every piece of evidence is prejudicial. Some pieces of evidence are UNFAIRLY prejudicial. Assuming you know how to tell the difference, this video will show you how to communicate what you know to the judge in a compelling and authentic way. 

FRE 703: The Expert's Backdoor

March 01, 2018

This commonly abused rule (or  too infrequently underused rule, depending on who you ask) is all about the relationship between inadmissible hearsay and expert opinion. This video will help you explain to your judge why the expert can be trusted share facts with the jury that might otherwise have credibility issues... or why the expert is a straw man for jury tainting NONSENSE!!!

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